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Emma Thompson...BA (Hons) Edin

How can you describe yourself without sounding pretentious?.....

I went to Edinburgh College of Art, many moons ago, and studied Stained Glass Design and Conservation. During this period I also dabbled with some tapestry and textile art, but my main focus was the colour and traditions of architectural stained glass. Shortly after graduating I founded Aurora Glass a highly successful studio with stained glass commissions around the world.


Now, having had a wonderful family, and fashioned an idilic smallholding lifestyle in rural Perthshire, in Scotland, I find myself returning to my creative and artistic roots. This time, using the ancient skilled craft of wetfelting I am exploring the colour, texture, and distinctive qualities of raw and prosessed wool fibres to produce felt painitngs. The artworks I produce are unique, handmade and inspired by the colour and light of local landscapes, animals, and buildings. I have an expanding client list throughout the UK, and as far afeild as Australia and South America.


If I am not creating with wool, I am scratching out a tune on the fiddle, or tending to the animals, or making something out of willow.....what a fab life !!

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